Our Projects

Our Educational Program

Our project management ethos is driven by the idea that our partners within the camp know their needs the best. As a result, we work very closely together with our contacts within Kakuma Refugee Camp to collaboratively run our programs.

Source provides a wide variety of programming and general education courses through our two classrooms and internet cafe. The goal of these programs is to help refugees acquire new skills, improve their career prospects, and in turn contribute to their surrounding community by launching their own projects. Our courses involve topics such as refugee rights, female empowerment, and advanced coding, basic IT skills, digital marketing, and social media.

"Computer for Kakuma" Classroom One

Our first project began in 2017 and it involved constructing a computer center within Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. Through one round of fundraising, we obtained the finances to construct our first classroom and supply it with sufficient teaching facilities to support over 100 students per month. The infrastructure was built through fairly paid local labor using only recycled materials, and it is powered entirely through renewable energy. This project was carried out through the support of Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), UNHCR, & Windle Trust, enabling us to obtain the necessary land rights, infrastructure, and personnel to run the center. 

Internet Café

In 2019, we rented out a space to provide computer services within Kakuma Refugee Camp. The location is managed in collaboration with SIR and it provides services such as internet connectivity, computer access, printing, and scanning.

"Computer for Kakuma" Classroom two

In collaboration with SIR (Solidarity Initiative for Refugees) and Xaviers Project, we built a second classroom within Kakuma to permit more students to attend our courses. The first classroom was then moved to the same site to ensure that the learning spaces remained nearby in an effort to foster student participation. This expansion brought our monthly course attendance to more than 200 students.

Educational courses

Through our centres and internet cafés, we provide a number of different educational courses on computer. Some of these courses are outlined below.

  • Codedust advanced programming
  • HE connected learning (social media, digital marketing and IT)
  • Nanodegree (advanced coding and programming degree)
  • Computer basics (introductory IT)
  • A Good Start (life philosophy, coaching and female empowerment)
  • New Africa Media Youth (developers working on an app)
  • KYF freelancers (online freelancers)
  • KIRON (online university)
  • Various other individual online courses that we have been donated by other organisations
    (Microsoft, Udemy, etc.)

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program involves connecting students from our classrooms and other organisations to young professionals and students within Europe. The purpose of this program is to enable skill-sharing, application of existing competencies, career progression and cultural learning. We currently have over 20 student-to-mentor relationships, encompassing a variety of backgrounds, genders, cultures and competencies.

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