We believe in the power of education

Using technology for education, equality and sustainability

What do we want to achieve?

We want to use technology to break down barriers. We want to give talented and motivated individuals in difficult environments (e.g. refugee camps) access to skills that create opportunity. This includes connecting them with young professionals and leaders who seek to apply their experiences in a way that creates a positive impact on the life of others.

Through our mentorship program, we connect selected individuals with clear goals for their professional and personal development with other individuals capable of helping them achieve these goals.

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Our Projects

Our projects are primarily focused on improving education in disadvantaged areas through the implementation of sustainable technologies.

Our Story & Team

The story and background of three students that started a nonprofit by building a computer centre in a refugee camp in Northern Kenya.

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Become a volunteer, contact us, learn more or support us in any way. We are also always keen to have a chat and learn about other initiatives.

You have the Power Today to Change Tomorrow !

We have a few videos of our organisation, you can watch them on the other pages.
But for now check out this TedX that was organised at the location of our first project, Kakuma Refugee Camp. Many of our students attended this event and its definitely worth watching for anyone!

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