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We empower motivated individuals in difficult environments

What do we want to achieve?

We believe that digital literacy and technological skills offer an opportunity to those living in refugee camps. With minimal job prospects and local education providers, these transferable skills offer students a chance to connect with opportunities from outside their immediate surroundings.

By offering courses ranging from basic IT skills to advanced computer programming, we enable refugees to develop the skills needed to improve their communities and pursue new career opportunities. In collaboration with Xavier’s Project, we have also launched a set of general education courses focused on topics such as female empowerment, financial independence, and life skills; these topics are aimed towards assisting refugees in their personal development in addition to their career-focused classes. 

How do we make this happen?

We run courses in collaboration with our partner organisation, Solidarity Initiative for Refugees, from our computer centre in Kakuma refugee camp. As of 2021, we have had over 2000 students complete courses through our teaching facilities. Through our mentorship program, we connect the most advanced students with industry professionals from across the world. Together they create clear goals for their professional and personal development, before working towards these over a 6-month period.

In February 2021 we launched the second iteration of this program and currently have 10 mentorship pairings. We believe these opportunities should not only be limited to men. We recently agreed to launch a woman’s only, 6-month computer skills course in collaboration with W.U.S.C.

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Our projects focus on improving education in disadvantaged areas through the development of technological skills.

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